HTA I. 2019


The basic intensive program in the area of HTA (Health Technology Assesment) was held again in October and November this year for another 27 representatives of patient organizations. It was held at the Ministry of Health CR. The name of the program was „Involvement of patients in health care decision-making processes“and was diveded in 6 modules:

  1. “The Czech Health System and its Financing” lectured by PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D. from the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University and Ing. et Ing. Lenka Poliaková
    from the Health Insurance Supervision Department of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

  2. „Assessment of medical technologies“ lectured by Dr. Tomáš Dolezal, PhD. from the Czech Pharmacoeconomic Society.

  3. “Prices and reimbursement of drugs” lectured by Dr. Jana Skoupa, MBA from the Czech Pharmacoeconomic Society.

  4. „Clinical studies“ lectured by Mgr. Renata Hejnova from the Department of Clinical Trials of the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute.

  5. “Principles of cost-effectiveness and budget impact” lectured by Dr. Tomáš Dolezal, PhD. and Ing. Tomáš Mlčoch from the Institute for Health Economics and Ing. Milan Vocelka from the State Institute for Drug Control.

  6. “Case studies” lectured by Mrs. Karen Facey, Ph.D., UK HTA expert.

The certificated ceremony took part at the sixth annual APO Alumni. Participants who fulfilled 80% participations received the certificate from Mrs. Helena Rögnerová, deputy to the Minister of Health CR for Economics and Health Insurance and Mr. Jakub Dvořáček, executive director of AIFP.





Main photo – participants of the HTA I. 2019 

No. 1 – opening of the course Mgr. Jana Hlaváčová, Ministry of Health of Czech republic and Mgr. Jakub Dvořáček, MHA, AIFP with lecturer PhDr. Helena Hnilicová, Ph.D.

No. 2 – lecturer MUDr. Tomáš Doležal, Ph.D.

No. 3 – lecturer MUDr. Jana Skoupá, MBA

No. 4 – lecturer Karen Facey, PhD

No. 5 – representatives of patient organizations

No. 6 – representatives of patient organizations

No. 7 – work in groupes

No. 8 – participants of the HTA I. 2019

No. 9 – handing over certificates to HTA I. 2019 participants

No. 10 – participants with certificates at the APO Alumni VI.



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