Mentoring with Kateřina Švidrnochová 2018


Kateřina Švidrnochová provided individual consultations at the AIFP’s registered office in Prague and Brno, on Skype and Google Hangouts from March to June 2018. These consultations took altogether 31 hours and were attended by 20 patient organizations



The most frequent topics of consultations included:

  • Brand build-up, branding strategy, rebranding
  • Communication and marketing strategies offline and online
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks  
  • Web – communication with suppliers, web preparation, web operation, security, suitable content
  • Cloud systems, CRM systems
  • Online data management in connection with GDPR
  • Online application for graphics, team management and administration
  • Effective easy communication within the team and with the public. Crisis communication in e-mail and on social networks

Feedback from the speaker:

The most demanded topic included the protection of personal data because of the new GDPR that came into effect at the end of May 2018. In demand were also presentations on the web and social networks, the setup of cloud systems for data management in organizations and the preparation of tasks for the recovery of websites of organizations. No matter what topic an organization chose, we always ended up discussing internal communication in a team. 

Decentralized teams around the CR, volunteering, a difficult motivation of workers due to small or no salary funds and difficult healthcare topics to solve. All this has a big impact on the atmosphere in teams, which reflects in the overall running of organizations. However, I am convinced that just talking about and addressing this problem leads to positive solutions in organizations.

At my recommendation, many organizations set up such online communication tools, including internal rules for working with these tools, that - according to their feedback – considerably improved the communication.  

During my consultations, I proactively used easy communication techniques for working with teams or clients that my clients often took upon themselves and, according to their feedback, began applying in practice. 

According to them, these simple tools helped them to improve communication by e-mail and gave them the self-confidence to not run away from conflicts but to constructively work with them.

I was surprised that even after individual consultations, many patient organizations came to my workshop that the Patient Organization Association organized at the end of June. This also demonstrates that patient organizations want to work on themselves, to develop and to keep up with the modern world and all of its technologies.

I admire all patient organizations for their untiring willingness to help their clients, even under often complicated conditions, and I applaud them for their desire to professionalize and use all available tools that can help them to make work processes and communication more effective.


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