Mentoring with Petr Freimann 2018


A total of 18 patient organizations participated in 54 hours of individual consultations with Petr Freimann, which took place on the premises of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry. These consultations took place from April to June 2018.    


The most frequent topics of consultations included:

  • Effective marketing communication – how to get people’s attention, how to make an argument?
  • Fundraising – how to find the product and how to sell it on the market (or to the people around us)?
  • Communication strategies – how to organize individual steps so that you would enjoy it!   
  • Campaign – I want to put it together with you or at least try it!
  • I need a little kick – I go around in circles and an objective viewpoint would really help!

Feedback from the speaker:

During the four spring months, I was able to help more than 15 patient organizations, to whom I could dedicate my time, give them my advice and consult with them necessary topics, their problems or future changes.

At my consultations, the most demanded topics included: communication strategy creation, fundraising, web optimization, work delegation and prioritization, the division of competences in organizations, market position reinforcement, membership base mobilization, corporate partnership, information and promotional materials and the right direction of associations.

Each consultation was done in a way that would most benefit the organization or association by focusing on the biggest pitfalls and problems and finding a solution that will have a positive effect in the future.

Thanks to the feedback, I have learned that many organizations immediately began working on changes, specifically for example on changes in their website and better promotion, and most of all began keeping to the motto that everything has its price!

For me personally, these consultations were very beneficial; it is clear that patient organizations want to educate themselves, to improve their environment and attitudes and to become professionals in general. And this showed me that my consultations carry weight and are beneficial and that patient organizations will be happy to follow my advice in the future.



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